Hello Mathieu. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about who you are?
Hello, my name’s Mathieu and I’m a full-time designer-illustrator. 
I started working as an illustrator a few years ago, by creating pictures to accompany my travelogues, and now I’m producing more elaborate illustrations.

How would you describe your graphical style? Where do you draw your inspiration and what are your influences?

Drawing is so enjoyable, like reading a book or playing video games! I love drawing café terraces just as much as I like imagining Stockholm coming under attack from a giant octopus or bear! I don’t really have any specific influences, except my love for beautiful images. There are so many talented illustrators and people who I’ve been lucky enough to work with and who have influenced me in some way at some time or other.

Find my interview made for the brand Be.ez


2018 / KulturNatt Stockholm,  Event with TALES

2017 / KulturNatt Stockholm,  Event with Playfull

2016 / “Breaking free”, En konstutställning av Tlita, Stockholm

2015 / Exhibition at Siv&Åke, Stockholm

2015 / Exhibition at LouieLouie, Stockholm

Custom Art

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